The Serra de Tramuntana was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in the category of Cultural Landscape. It is the recognition of the international community to the almost perfect symbiosis between human action and nature, carried out for centuries, which has resulted in a monumental human work that mixes culture, traditions, aesthetics, spirituality and identity.

The cultural landscape of the Serra is the result of the exchange of knowledge between cultures, with small works carried out collectively for productive purposes, conditioned by the limitations imposed by the physical environment. Limitations overcome based on wisdom and intelligent use of resources, without destroying the environment. And it is also the recreation of a territory through the collective imagination and the works of artists who have found inspiration in it.

According to the European Landscape Convention, any part of the territory will be understood as a Cultural Landscape as perceived by the population, and its character is the result of the action and interaction of natural and human factors. This suggests that it is not just a matter of maintaining the territory of the Sierra as it is today. It is also about improving human intervention, promoting it with sustainable activities according to certain objectives.

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