Cultural route

Unesco draws up the World Heritage List with the aim of ensuring the identification and preservation of cultural elements from all over the world that deserve, due to their universal and exceptional value, to be protected from degradation or partial or total disappearance.

Inclusion on this list implies their cataloguing, as well as a commitment to their conservation and dissemination, since it is considered that the loss of this heritage would constitute an impoverishment of the heritage of all humanity.

In order to achieve this objective, the Consell de Mallorca is developing a management plan that integrates all the actions that have an impact on the Serra de Tramuntana, with the aim of adapting and coordinating them to enable the conservation and protection of World Heritage. 

The 3 transversal axes of the management plan are: sustainability, respect for local identity and cultural diversity, and the development of the local economy. The actions developed in this plan are structured in 5 programmes:

  • Communication and participation, to involve society as a whole in decision-making and in the protection and conservation of the Serra.
  • Economic development, to promote changes and improvements in farming systems and support alternative activities that provide resources in the area.
  • Dissemination, through educational, training and research actions to disseminate the values of the Serra.
  • Heritage, with direct rehabilitation and conservation actions or with complementary actions such as inventories and mapping to improve knowledge of heritage elements.
  • Visitor management, in order to organise, regulate and contain the impact of visitors.

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