Winter festivities

Festivities of Sant Antoni

17 de gener - diverses poblacions
On the eve of Sant Antoni (16th January), almost all the towns in Mallorca celebrate this festivity by lighting bonfires in the embers of which sausages and pork are roasted. It is a magical night with traditional music performed by xeremiers, eating in the street, the devil playing his tricks and glossa fights.

In Pollença, the Pollencans celebrate the Pi de Sant Antoni festival. They go to the Ternelles estate to look for a pine tree that they plant in the Plaça Vella. Once soaped, they will try to climb up its trunk to catch a cockerel placed inside a basket.

Sant Sebastià

20 January - various towns
Sant Sebastià is the patron saint's day of Palma, and is also celebrated in towns such as Calvià and Pollença. On 20th January in Pollença they dance the Cavallets, a couple of young women dressed in a horse figure who walk through the town preceded by the standard of Sant Sebastià

Processions of 'ses Torxes' (torchs)

11th February - Sóller
The events in honour of the Virgin of Lourdes culminate with a procession led by the image of the Virgin and the faithful carrying candles.

The song of the Sibyl

24 de desembre - diverses poblacions
The Song of the Sibyl
24th December - various towns
This chant, which prophesies the end of the world, dates back to the 13th century and is part of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It is performed by a girl or young woman with a sword in her hands in most parishes in Mallorca during matins, to commemorate the birth of Christ.

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