Conserving and respecting the territory is the responsibility of everyone: citizens, companies and administrations. It is for this reason that the Serra de Tramuntana Consortium promotes land stewardship actions with the aim of involving owners, managers and users in its conservation.

Land stewardship is a set of strategies and instruments that require the direct and active involvement of civil society on the one hand, and landowners on the other, and which seek the conservation and good use of the natural, landscape and cultural values of the territory.

Stewardship is materialised through voluntary, free and negotiable agreements between the entity that wants to take care of the land and the landowner. The agreements are associated with a specific property and involve medium and long-term commitments and collaboration guidelines, depending on the objectives, the type of property and the possibilities of each entity.

The Serra de Tramuntana Consortium is a member of the ICTIB network (Balearic Islands Land Stewardship Initiative) of organisations and supports non-profit organisations involved in land stewardship in the Serra de Tramuntana area with an annual public call for applications for grants. Eligible projects must have as their general purpose the care, conservation or maintenance of the estates and may include tasks such as cleaning paths, minor repairs to ethnological elements, initiatives to raise awareness of good practices in the mountains or volunteer activities.

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