Each year, the Serra de Tramuntana World Heritage Consortium draws up a strategic subsidy plan, in accordance with the methodology and content established by Law 38/2003, of 17 November, on general subsidies. The main objective of the different lines of subsidies that are called for, aimed at multiple beneficiaries, is to promote the recovery of the essential elements and values, both in terms of heritage and landscape.

All eligible actions must be carried out within the limits of the Serra de Tramuntana's declaration as a World Heritage Site. In order to check whether a property or plot is within this limitation, we recommend you consult the general viewer of the Consell de Mallorca's IDEMallorca project:

  1. Open this link: http://www.conselldemallorca.info/sitmun/idemallorca.jsp 
  2. You will see, on the right hand side of the screen, a table of contents. The 'Cartography' section is displayed. You have to open the 'LIMITS' folder by clicking on the + symbol.
  3. Point to 'Serra Tramuntana UNESCO Heritage' and you will see how the map is marked with two colours: green for the central zone and orange for the buffer zone. Both are considered World Heritage sites and therefore eligible for grants. 
  4. Open the 'Locators' section (grey). Click on 'Parcela rústica'. A dialogue box will open on your left.
  5. Indicate here the municipality, the polygon and the plot and 'search'.
  6. Click on the reference that appears. The parcel will be painted in red on the map and you will be able to check if it is within the World Heritage boundaries (painted in green and orange).
  7. If you click on 'centre', the map will zoom in and zoom out to the highlighted plot.
  8. You can zoom in and out of the map, using the left sidebar or the mouse wheel.

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