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The Serra de Tramuntana World Heritage Label may be joined by different managers, companies and entities that produce or transform products, that are owners of heritage assets that can be visited or that offer services. The delimitation of the Serra de Tramuntana for the Label project is marked by the map approved by by the Consortium's Governing Board on 5 July 2022, which it's based on:

  • the delimitation established by the Unesco declaration as a World Heritage Site on 29 June 2011
  • the extension to urban centres representative of the values and cultural landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana, such as: Campanet, Moscari, Ullaró, Selva, Manco de la Vall, Port de Sóller and Pollença.the extension of the official limits by 500 metres in order to be able to include complete plots of land.
  • the municipalities of Palma, Calvià, Andratx and Palmayola are excluded from the extension.

Four agreement models have been established for each of the different managers who, through their daily work, help to maintain the natural landscape and heritage of the Serra de Tramuntana, and are worthy of wearing the Label:

  • Producers and processors of agricultural products.
    In the case of producers, the product must be produced in the Serra de Tramuntana. In the case of processors, the main raw material (that which defines the product) must have been produced within the same area.
  • Possessions (estates) and properties with historical and cultural heritage value in the Serra de Tramuntana.
    They must be in a good state of conservation and must be open to visitors for a minimum number of hours per year.
  • Hotel establishments, restaurants, cafés, bars and food shops in the Serra de Tramuntana.
    In the case of establishments, they must have products with the Serra de Tramuntana label on the menu. In the case of shops, they must have at least one display with products bearing the Serra de Tramuntana label.
  • Companies and organisations that contribute to the dissemination and preservation of the cultural landscape and that carry out their activity mainly in the Serra de Tramuntana.
    Excluded are the construction sector (except for margins and professionals in heritage and ethnological restoration), the real estate sector, companies related to hunting, polluting companies and companies that offer activities with motor vehicles or boats.


The procedure for signing the agreements is as follows: 

  1. Submission of the application for adhesion to the collaboration agreement through the electronic office and according to the model that can be found on this website.
  2. The Evaluation Commission will check the requirements and issue a suitability report or request a visit to verify compliance with the requirements.
  3. A favourable or unfavourable decision will be issued.
  4. Signing of the collaboration agreement
  5. Delivery of the Serra de Tramuntana World Heritage corporate image to the interested manager for use on their products or services.

On the part of the Serra de Tramuntana World Heritage Consortium:

  • Transfer of the corporate image and delivery of the manual for its use.

  • Dissemination campaigns to promote the label

  • Provision of visual resources to support the promotion of products with the label.

  • Training workshops

  • Encouraging the circular economy in the Serra de Tramuntana

On the part of the company or entity affiliated to the Serra de Tramuntana label:

  • Use the label without altering any of its basic characteristics.

  • Comply with food safety regulations

  • Provide documentation accrediting that the initial conditions for the awarding of the label are maintained and communicate in writing if any conditions are modified.

  • Reach, during the period of validity of the agreement, a minimum number of commitments related to the conservation of heritage, the environment and the dissemination of the label. (The list of possible commitments to be achieved is specified in the agreement).

How to join?

If you are interested in having your company join the Serra de Tramuntana Label, you can fill in the application form that corresponds to your economic sector (you will find it in the 'related documents' drop-down menu) and register it, together with all the required documentation, through the Serra de Tramuntana World Heritage Consortium's electronic office).

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